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Residential Homes in Hays, KS

Owning a detached home continues to be an aspiration for those who seek stability and security. It epitomizes both professional and personal success, signifying that one qualifies for a loan and is capable of long-term financial commitment.

If you think you’re ready to buy your first (or second) home, Northwest Kansas is a great place to start. There’s no place like home, as they say, and nothing compares to the laidback and unassuming nature of this corner of the Midwest.

Single-family homes are a popular choice for buyers who need the space for their children, pets, visiting family, and hobbies. This type of property often comes with 2 or more bedrooms, along with a separate kitchen, living room, and garage.

Another advantage that comes with living in a single-family home is privacy. Such homes are situated on lots that are bordered by landscaping, fencing, or gates. And since you don’t share walls with adjoining homes, you won’t have to worry about the neighbors listening in on your conversations or day-to-day activities.

Homes for sale in Hays, KS

The city of Hays has a bit of everything, from career opportunities to a thriving downtown full of shops and restaurants. It is the seat of Ellis County and is right at the crossroads of Interstate 70 and U.S. Highway 38.

Most homes in Hays were constructed between the 1980s and 1990s. Single-family homes typically have 3 to 5 bedrooms. Ranch-style homes are especially common – buyers get to enjoy an open layout that doesn’t require them to go up and down the stairs.

This type of home is ideal for families with small children or elderly members as the layout allows for easy navigation and enables you to keep an eye on everything as you cook and clean.

Laminate wood flooring, patios, and spacious garages are just some of the home features you’ll find in the market.

Homes for sale in Ellis, KS

Ellis is ideal for those who enjoy golfing, camping, and hiking – the city boasts outdoor attractions like the Ellis Lakeside Campground and Ellis Golf Club, the latter featuring an impeccably maintained nine-hole golf course.

Most single-family homes in Ellis have 3 to 5 bedrooms – this means that you’re likely to find a residence that matches the needs of your growing brood.

You’ll also find numerous homes on large lots with mature vegetation. These properties are perfect if you have pets and you love gardening. The outdoor space also allows you to prop up a chair on summer evenings, from which you can observe the goings-on on your street.

Patios, viewing decks, and spacious garages are some of the features available in the market.

Homes for sale in Victoria, KS

Located south of I-70, Victoria is a tight-knit community that makes you feel like you belong. The majority of single-family homes have 2 to 4 bedrooms, which is ideal for small families and couples who intend to have children.

The housing market brings you a selection of older homes built between the 1920s and 1990s. Most of these homes have also been updated to include modern features like hot tubs, breakfast bars, and refinished floors and counters.

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