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Vacant land in Northwest Kansas is one of the most rewarding investments you’ll ever make. Buildable vacant land almost always appreciates in value – more so when it’s located in an area with steady growth.

Compared with single-family homes and multi-family properties, raw land is low maintenance. You might have to hire someone to care for the land and keep an eye on it, but you rarely have to make visits, if at all. And with no tenants to attend to, you won’t have to deal with complaints or rent collection.

Land ownership is relatively easier to research, compared with stocks or other kinds of investments. Moreover, you can hire a real estate agent to guide you through the buying process.

Lastly, raw land is a finite resource, making it all the more valuable.

Land for sale in Hays, KS

Hays has seen steady growth over the last few years, and the real estate market ripe for investment. Home appreciation increased by 34.27% in the past decade alone. The unemployment rate is lower than the national average, while job growth is projected at 32.18% over the next 10 years.

With a safe environment and a reputable school system, Hays has become all the more desirable to buyers and renters.

Those who have chosen to settle here are drawn to the city’s quiet and peaceful environment. Hays is often touted as a wonderful place to raise a family.

The city’s upward trajectory can only be beneficial to investors who want to purchase buildable land. There’s no shortage of beautiful acreage that may be used for residential and commercial zoning. Oversized lots with access to US Route 183 are also available.

Choosing the Right Realtor

No two plots of land are the same, and it takes an experienced Realtor to know the difference. Prices per acre can also vary depending on the area you intend to make a purchase. Factors that affect prices include:

  • Soil composition
  • Amount of annual rainfall
  • Recreational opportunities
  • Urban sprawl
  • Demand

Land use is an important factor that should go into any purchase. You must know what the land produces and what else it might be capable of producing. This is especially true for farm land and pasture land properties.

Land appreciation has been largely constant, given the scarcity of undeveloped land in general.

To make the search easier, you must be clear about your objectives for buying land.

The majority of homes in the market were constructed between the 1980s and 1990s. However, buying a parcel allows you to build a new home from scratch.

With a population of about 20,000, Hays has a sufficient demand for stores and services. You can purchase land for commercial use and lease it to business owners.

Main Street, formerly known as Chestnut Street, is one of the best places to invest for this purpose. Vine Street is another great location for businesses.

Work with someone who can guide you through the process from start to finish. Only a local expert can help you navigate the market for vacant land. Call the Platinum Group at (785) 621-4663 or send an email to Info(at)PlatinumGroupHays(dotted)com.

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