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City Programs

Hays is one of the best places to find a home in Northwest Kansas. Thanks to a proactive city government and a genuinely dedicated local population, there is a conscious effort to pursue sustainable growth in the seat of Ellis County.

These are 5 notable city programs that keep Hays an environmentally sustainable city:

  • Water conservation and consumption rebate programs
    Hays is a water-smart city. Officials and residents know that water is a life-giving resource that needs to be consumed wisely. In Hays, you can sign up for the following water rebate and giveaway programs:

    • Toilets
      Rebates of up to $150 encourage Hays residents to upgrade to more efficient toilets.
    • Turf conversion
      The use of drought-tolerant turf grass earns a rebate of up to a dollar per square foot.
    • Urinals
      Business and commercial customers are eligible for a $300 when they upgrade to EPA WaterSense-certified “pint” urinals.
    • Washing machine
      Up to 20% of indoor water use goes down the drain with the laundry water. Upgrading to a more efficient washer nets residents a $100 rebate from the City of Hays.

    In addition to these incentives, the City of Hays also offers excellent resources for residents to keep their water consumption smart and sustainable.

  • Adopt a Spot cleanup drive
    The Hays Beautification Committee has mobilized community groups and local businesses to clean up areas of the community through the Adopt a Spot (AAS) program. Choosing a specific part of town to be responsible for, these groups hold cleanup events at least twice every year, with the city providing the necessary trash bags and collection services the following day.

    Residents interested in forming their own neighborhood AAS team can download a signup form here.

  • The Champion Tree and tree rebate programs
    For the past 39 years, Hays has maintained its status as Tree City USA by celebrating Arbor Day and, among other criteria, spending $2 per capita on the care and management of trees in an urban setting. The Hays Beautification Committee has worked with the city government to offer the following programs:

    • The Champion Tree
      The City encourages residents to nominate Champion Trees – the largest and healthiest ones of each species – on their property or around their neighborhood. Being listed as a Hays Champion Tree means protection and public appreciation for these exceptional trees.
    • Tree Rebate Program
      Hays encourages the planting of new trees by offering a rebate equal to half the cost of the tree, including tax. The City of Hays provides a list of preferred and acceptable tree species in this program brochure.
  • Recycling program
    Hays residents are encouraged to recycle and promote the recycling lifestyle by segregating their waste using color-coded trash bags.

  • Compost and yard waste management program
    Need fertilizers for your garden or yard? Your neighborhood has your back! By creating a community compost site, residents can dump their yard waste – grass clippings, leaves, mulch, and other garden waste – and leave them to be collected by others who need the compost.

Does this environmentally conscious lifestyle sound ideal to you? Call Platinum Group, LLC today at 785.621.4663 or email [email protected] to inquire about the best homes for sale in Hays, KS.