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La Crosse, KS

La Crosse is known as “The Barbed Wire Capital of the World,” but there’s more to it than a deep knowledge of spiked steel fencing wire. It is a quiet and close-knit town that welcomes all those who set foot in it. With just a little over 1,300 residents, it’s the kind of place where you can enjoy utmost peace and privacy.

But just because it’s quiet doesn’t mean that the locals don’t know how to have fun. La Crosse hosts the annual Barbed Wire Festival, which has been running for more than 50 years, and the La Crosse Music Festival.

The town’s quirky but down-to-earth character endears it to visitors who end up packing and moving to La Crosse. The laidback environment will give you a breather from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Encompassing one square mile, it is the largest city in Rush County and serves as the county seat. It is situated in the Smoky Hills area of the Great Plains, about 12 miles south of Smoky Hill River and five miles north of Walnut Creek.

Lacrosse KS Real Estate

La Crosse homes are a great investment precisely because of the city’s superb location – it lies at the intersection of US Route183 and K-4, roughly 26 miles south of Interstate 70.

With minimal traffic, the commute time is around 18 minutes, which is faster than the national average.

Those who live here can look forward to these attractions:

  • Kansas Barbed Wire Museum
    The museum boasts a 2,400-strong collection of barbed wires. It also houses the Barbed Wire Hall of Fame, which celebrates barbed wire identification champions, collectors, and hobbyists. It pays homage to the steel wiring that allowed the city’s residents keep cattle and crops safe, and therefore preserve their livelihood.
  • Rush County Historical Museum & Nekoma Bank Museum
    Take a look at the clothes, tools, and furniture on display at this museum, which paints a picture of how the county’s early settlers lived. There’s also a collection of photographs and scrapbooks documenting the county’s history.
  • Post Rock Museum
    Kansas is a goldmine of fossils that date back to the Upper Cretaceous Period. Many of these fossils can be viewed at the Post Rock Museum, along with a recreation of a stone quarry that illustrates post cutting methods for fencing.
  • Pawpaws
    This local restaurant sports a red and white façade that’s hard to miss. Located on Main Street, Pawpaws serves some of the best cheeseburgers in town.

Homes for sale in Lacrosse KS

The housing market consists mostly of single-family homes and apartments. Most homes have 2 to 4 bedrooms, which is perfect for couples and growing families. Buyers have an excellent selection of Bungalow- and Ranch-style homes to choose from.

Many of the older homes in La Crosse have been updated to include energy-efficient heat pumps and modern tubs. Newer custom-built homes with stainless steel appliances, gas fireplaces, and storage lofts are also available.

Do you think La Crosse should be your new home? Call (785) 621-4663 or send an email to Info(at)PlatinumGroupHays(dotted)com to get started.


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